Plastic Greenhouse


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Plastic greenhouses designed by SERASAN; Suitable for soil and soilless agricultural production.We can respond to our customers' needs with our regional greenhouse conditions and feasibility calculations and our plastic greenhouse models according to the budget.

» The construction is very durable and resistant to corrosion.All used steel construction structural elements are hot dip galvanized material.

» Galvanized coating rate of steel equipment materials close to the ground and in contact with the ground is used as 70 micron (500 gr / m2) and other structural elements are used as 38 micron (275 gr / m2).

» Structural material consists by galvanized steel and the clip beds used in plastic and tulle assemblies are made with steel and special SERASAN clips with the same properties as greenhouse building material.

» Thanks to this technique; the waterproofing feature and wind resistance of the greenhouse is excellent by fixing the plastic and tulle ( net ) material to the greenhouse structure.

» Thanks to the special design; the condensation water formed on the plastic inner surface has the ability to evacuate without falling into the plant and inside the greenhouse with its special dropper system.

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