Glass Greenhouse


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As SERASAN; With our sophisticated “Venlo” and “Wide Span” glass greenhouses with high technology, quality and adaptability, we carry out our projects beyond the expectations of the soilless agricultural producers.

In the glass greenhouse; The sizing and design of the parts that make up the main structure are determined by our engineers and our specialists in mechanical design, with computer-aided drawing and calculation programs, taking into account the climate conditions of the region for each greenhouse project.

Glass greenhouses; Although it generally has a structurally complex assembly structure, the installation steps and equipment used are designed to be compatible with each other and to operate without any problems for many years. All equipments used are made with the most advanced technology in line with the experience of many years.As modern greenhousing and cultivation techniques renew and renew themselves, our greenhouse models and equipments, as SERASAN, constantly produce greenhouses in accordance with new production techniques.

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