Ventilation Motor and Mechanism

The upper ventilation system works with the rack gear system.On both sides of the ridge; along the ridge, 2m wide, made of 40x30 profiles and its opening arms are opened maximum 4m.Opening system; It is opened and closed by placing a rack and pinion on a specially made 34x2.5 mm pipe, which is placed in roller bearings and used as a shaft, and this system pushes the window.

One motor will be used for each window and limit switches are above the motors.The rack gears to be used are 200 cm in length and are placed on the shaft with a rack gear every 2.5 meters.

Openable arms are mounted as a surprise for the distribution of force.

» A single hinge is attached to each openable arm.

Shaft pipes in the opening system are longer lasting because we use roller shaft bearings.