With the greenhouse heating-cooling systems, the most suitable environment for the plant to be grown in the greenhouse is created, and all the temperature and climate conditions requested by the plant can be provided easily in the greenhouse.In this way, both production speed and vegetable and fruit quality can be increased to higher levels by increasing the yield.Although the greenhouses are heated in the cold season, they should be cooled in the hot season.In cold and cool seasons, high heat accumulation in the greenhouse can be prevented by ventilation.The air temperature increases after a short heating period, especially in the southern regions of our country. During this period, the temperature inside the greenhouse may have a negative effect on plant development.The greenhouse temperature can be 5-10 ° C higher than the outdoor temperature especially in the greenhouses where cultivation is done in summer.This may also cause the extraction in plants to decrease and stop.

In other words, the substance that the plant gains by extraction may be less than breathing.Extraction in plants (photosynthesis) increases from 0 ° C to 20 ° C. After this degree, the extraction decreases and an extraction decreases at 40 ° C in potatoes and tomatoes. In hot months, there is no cooling application in greenhouses.In greenhouses where only ornamental plants are grown, cooling can be done as long as it is economical.